A view that brings us peace – The Sunset Palette

Times are tough, and it is not always easy to find joy. So the rule of thumb to feel a morsel of bliss is to make your surroundings as happy as you can. A part of our surroundings is the clothes that we wear, and you know how you can make your outfit change your mood? By changing the colours!

Colours have an indescribable power to shift the state of being of any person. House of Tomar believes that to its core. Hence, we specifically use the colours to uplift our Hotonomists.

We created an entire palette revolving around some feel-good hues and shades that not only catch attention but radiate joy and bliss. Colours impact human behaviour; they can stimulate our mind and bodies and calm them down. Amazing, right?

Our latest Spring Summer ‘21 Collection aimed at creating colours that are bright and yet soothing. Thus, the Sunset palette was created. Our beloved Sunset palette has been described for you below so you know how the colours can please the eye as well as the mind.

Light up your day with Mellow Yellow

You think of yellow, and your mind goes to a sunny summer day! It’s all bright and lit up outside and inside your mind. Yellow emits positivity, optimism, and creativity. This soft yet strong hue of yellow was created to raise your vibe every time you put on an outfit of this colour.

Live your dream through Sundream

Orange is one joyful colour, and there is no debate about it. This colour is all about fun, determination, and enthusiasm. The colour orange has an impact on people that you absolutely cannot get past. It makes its mark and elevates people’s state of mind.

Trust the magic of Sakura Pink

Pink is probably the most playful colour there is. Representing good health and youth, the colour pink is usually associated with feminine energy. All the pretty hues need to have a bit of pink so that playing with it becomes easy. If you’re feeling playful and want to set that tone for the day, donning a pink outfit is what you’ll need!

Make Rich Tea your cup of tea

A beige shade, Rich Tea emits tranquillity. The soft and peaceful colour is neutral and yet has so much power that it makes a statement. Beige outfits have gained a lot of popularity in recent times and looking at their beauty, we don’t wonder why.

The five colours of our Sunset Palette are derived from nature and promote an optimistic approach towards life. Colours should spark joy in one’s heart, and with the Sunset Palette, we hope to do just that.

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