About Us

When you wear a House of Tomar outfit, you wear an attitude.

House of Tomar is a line of unique, distinct Tomboy Chic Style that speaks for its easy silhouettes and comfort fashion combined with the finest design elements. Forged by a pair of sisters, the gates to the House of Tomar (HOT) have swung open for a legion of independent women.

Women who don’t censor themselves, women who aren’t afraid of being too much or less.

HOT began as a nascent idea in 2015 and has since scaled to become a fashionable reality. One that is as contemporary as the women we design for. The HOT collection is for an every wild romping girl, who is looking for comfort with style, who spills her opinion without apology. At HOT, we design for women who are ready to make decisions and even, make some mistakes. Sometimes epic tales begin with reckless bravery. We design for a “greater yin” energy, in specific, and for courageous leaps and big moves. Emotions are expressed in each style by way of a never-seen-before print in a never-worn-before style. With men-inspired silhouettes and an some undefined styles that reflect ease and comfort for contemporary women that can take on anything, even as many as 120 rivets, we don’t design for ‘good girls’.

We design for a wild romping girl, cause it’s not just about clothes, it’s about the attitude you carry along.

Are you ready to show your “greater yin” energy?

About the Founders

We know who we are

Devika Tomar, the creative half, and Mallika Tomar, the business half, are putting together a whole story through their prints and cuts & sleeves and skirts. Devika believes in the “Inhale creative energy, exhale aesthetic” philosophy. She initially worked at House of Masaba in Mumbai and impressed the team with her hard work. The hard work didn’t go unnoticed, she was handed over a project for celebrity designing. Devika worked as a freelance designer for renowned clients like Shankar Mahadevan, Matchbox Production, and Masaba Gupta. After working for so renowned clients, she decided to channelise her creative energy into building House of Tomar.  with her degree in Fashion Designing from Pearl Academy and her apprenticeship with Masaba Gupta, is looking to reinvent the way women look at fashion. Instead of designing for the male gaze, she decided to create “borrowed from men” style and change the game to make it about the women themselves.

“What you make, matters. But how you market it, matters more.” Mallika pursued a masters in Fashion Management from NIFT where she saw first-hand that the Indian fashion market needs a makeover. Together, they’re putting storytelling at the heart of HOT collection. She is a former Mrs. India World Pageant Queen, a Winner of the India 5000 Women Achievers Awards 2021, a social media ninja and marketing/PR professional who has been associated with adidas Group, Bata, Future Group, Cover Story, Karix and many more renowned names, now leads the team of young creative dynamites, striving for the best in virtues. Together, they’re putting storytelling at the heart of HOT collection.

Along with Mallika and Devika, Hardik Chauhan has brought his own business acumen to the venture. A CA dropout, a Media Expert, and now a full-time Digital-Marketing-Entrepreneur; he started his professional career in 2012 as a freelancer and has been associated with some of the most renowned names – Balaji Telefilms, Jaguar, Molecule, House of Tomar and many more! With an MBA in Media Management, it’s no wonder he’s at the helm of the sales and finance teams at HOT. Reflections of all their journeys have been embedded into the HOTONOMIST style. Hardik is known for seizing the odds, building OTB concepts, taking up – front challenges and growing from power to power.

Their brainchild, House of Tomar, is a unit of Agra’s esteemed AVS Group. With more than a decade’s worth of history, the company serves as the steady backbone for their young vision. The numerous national award-winning company has a cross-continental presence and a humbling array of CSR initiatives that set the context for the integrity HOT leads with.

But at first, the founders began with a central question.

We know who we are. We’ve found out the hard way, the fun way.

But importantly – Who are you? Who is the woman we’re designing for?

You are not perfect, you’re not fearless. 

But you are something else: you are a messy masterpiece in progress. 

With that clarity, HOT’s lines are rife with comfortable clothing in which you can easily kick ass and look good while doing it. HOT’s signature silhouettes and prints are all about expressing emotions and comfort.