Its 3.00 am in the morning and I have forced myself to put my phone aside and not to binge watch anymore instagram videos and somehow I am a savage, (yeah) classy, boogie, ratchet is still playing in my head and all I want is to dress up with a pillow and a belt and dance to it. Well that’s in the trend and I can’t blame myself.

A pillow and a belt!!!! Yes, couldn’t believe my eyes but I’d be lying if I don’t admit, those girls looked hell amazing and Kudos to the girl who had the vision to come up with the most relatable fashion trend these days. Here I was lying on the edge of my pillow wondering how even??? The very next day, I started to look at almost everything with a different eye towards it. “Can I use the bed sheet as a saree over my jeans?’ ‘Should I use my sweatpants as a shrug?’ I even created a top using 4 different handkerchiefs of primary colours and tying them together. I loved it. I felt good in it. It might or might not appeal to other people, but it felt mine to me, something that I had created.

What are these trends, who created them and are we really victims of the trends. Well, to answer the first 2 questions, Today every girl owns a ‘little black dress’. Do you know who is the inspiration behind it? Audrey Hepburn. Her classic look from Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one of the most iconic Hollywood’s photos out there. Another one is Madonna; she is the top diva of fashion, the most influential fashion icon in the industry and when it comes to setting fashion trends, we cannot finish the list without mentioning Marlyn Monroe who introduced sex appeal in fashion.

One would question that they were able to set trends since they were famous and I would argue that they became so famous because they were able to set trends. They had the guts to go out of their comfort zone, try something new or maybe just adapting their comfort zone and making it look fashionable. Criticism and beauty both lies in the eyes of the beholder. ‘You do you” should be the fashion motto and if at all you need some extra motivation, the girl on tik-tok who started the pillow dress challenge wasn’t a celebrity to begin with.

Let’s admit most of us want to be known for creating something unique, want to be famous, want to shine brighter than the rest, yet we all are followers of trends, yet we copy . We do it because its #trending.  You have done it, I have done it, we all do it. But only, when we kill our individuality just to follow a hashtag, we really become victims of it. When we let ourself be overpowered with somebody else’s idea of it, has looks good and what looks bad, then we become victims. We all are gifted with a different body size, a different soul and a unique mind. Just following trends and losing our individuality is a complete injustice to ourselves. You need to be yourself and someone will find your uniqueness attractive. And for all those, who simply keep following trends, you do that, and when the trend goes away, so will you. So just stop being a trend, and aspire to be a classic and just to give you an insight, I named my 4 coloured handkerchief top – The ludo top. You know what, its Trending these days.


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