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It’s usually a little tricky to find the perfect travel clothes for women. There aren’t many pants that will go with everything and comfortable travel outfits are hard to find. If it’s comfortable, there is a slight chance they won’t look as good as we would want them to, and vice versa.

For women, the fashion industry doesn’t always suit their clothing needs. The ideal travelling outfit needs to be made out of breathable material. Most of them wrinkle too fast or take too long to dry. It is a huge inconvenience, especially in the summer season. If only the designers knew the need for stylish travel clothes for summer!

At House Of Tomar, we create garments that not only look trendy but also serve many occasions. The following are some of our favourite travelling pieces and outfits.

  • Black Round Neck Shirt + Solid Black Flared Shorts

If you’re looking for a chic travelling outfit, HOT’s set of black round neck shirt and solid flared shorts should be your first choice. Semi-fitting and made of premium fabrics, this outfit could be paired with sneakers, tie-up sandals, and almost all comfortable shoes.

  • White V-Neck Shirt


One can never go wrong with an elegant white shirt! Our white shirt with a V-shaped neckline can be paired with shorts, trousers, skirts, denim or bikini. The Shantung material used for this shirt is breathable which would make it one of the most fashionable travel clothes.


A splash of red-blue in your outfit would please the eyes in any weather. The comfort of a crop top and trouser set is unmatched and will eliminate any discomfort that could be caused by clothes while travelling.

  • Square Lace Palazzo


This bottom piece’s breathable material and square lace hem give it the most appealing appearance. This palazzo can be worn with shirts, Kurtis, and most tops as well. This a must-have for your travelling wardrobe.

While there are not many choices for travelling dresses for girls, getting your hands on the classic pieces would be an excellent idea since they never seem to go out of style. It is such a blessing to be able to travel in style and comfort, and House Of Tomar promises to give you just that!

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