A view that brings us peace – The Sunset Palette

Times are tough, and it is not always easy to find joy. So the rule of thumb to feel a morsel of bliss is to make your surroundings as happy as you can. A part of our surroundings is the clothes that we wear, and you know how you can make your outfit change your […]

A HOTONOMIST is a woman who – but who isn’t?

The world is witnessing the rise of the feminine force in all realms, and all we can do is be in awe! Realising that it has been a man’s world and even admitting that on some days it gets overwhelming, women are continuing to do and be their best. Women of today see what they […]

Lookee there: Spring is in the air!

All seasons have a different meaning to them, and each one of them represents something different. Of all the seasons, Spring is looked forward to the most owing to the joy and hope it brings. We see it in the harvest, the sun, the birds, and animals! The perfect time to have a day out, […]

Emotions Are The New Fashion Statements

Fashion is the popular aesthetic expression at a particular period and place and in a specific context, especially in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, and body proportions. Thanks to Mary Quant for launching the mini skirt in 1964, this leg-baring garment became a significant fashion statement in the 1960s. Jeans profited the most as […]

‘Tis The Season To Bloom

Fashion trends change every day making it hard to keep track. But here we are making it easier for you- partly because we care about you, and partly because it is our pastime to tap all the emerging fashion micro-trends! The ongoing pandemic situation flipped the world upside down and greatly impacted the fashion industry […]

I Am Denim. I Am Here To Stay Forever

Trends may come and trends may go, but denim is here to stay! To be precise, it is the distressed jeans that are all the hype these days! Yes, the same pair of jeans that says chic and laid-back at the same time! The distressed jeans trend began in the 70s as a part of […]

Are You Ready For Your Next Vacation?

It’s usually a little tricky to find the perfect travel clothes for women. There aren’t many pants that will go with everything and comfortable travel outfits are hard to find. If it’s comfortable, there is a slight chance they won’t look as good as we would want them to, and vice versa. For women, the fashion industry doesn’t […]

10 Effective Ways to Get More Out of Crop Top

Crop tops are one of the hottest trends among the fashion lovers. This top is short in length and reaches until the middle of the rib. If you want to flaunt your perfectly carved body, then crop tops are for you! Different crop top design patterns with unique sleeve styles are great for petite girls […]

Definition of Total Intangible Amortization Expense Chron com

Content Free Amortization Work Sheet Comments: Amortization vs Depreciation How Amortization Affects Your Business Taxes Amortization for Tax Purposes It’s often neglected as it involves manual calculations and complicated formulas. Under International Financial Reporting Standards, guidance on accounting for the amortization of intangible assets is contained in IAS 38. Under United States generally accepted accounting […]

How To Post Journal Entries To The General Ledger

Content General ledgers and double-entry bookkeeping 5.3 Processing Options Example – Maintaining Individual Account Numbers for Each Cost Detail Component Posting to General Ledger – Actual Costing Meaning, Purpose And Users Of Public Sector Accounting Before processing any transactions in the manufacturing modules, the GL account numbers which are used for posting to the GL […]

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