Bonjour Paris, House of Tomar is here!

The city of lights.

The city of love.

The city of art.

The city of style.

That’s Paris in a nutshell for all of us! “Paris c’est pas la France,” as one common saying goes, “Paris is not France, but it is Paris.” Paris, one of the “Big Four” fashion capitals of the twenty-first century, is mistakenly distinct from the rest of France in terms of fashion. Although French style is synonymous with refinement, elegance, and effortlessness, Parisian style is still a cut above. It’s a little swankier and makes all the neutral colours classier. The Parisian vibe is all about a relaxed attitude, as well as style, simplicity, and comfort.

The secret to dressing like a Parisian is to keep things simple yet stylish. Women in Paris are dressed in a way that is both opulent and chic. Instead of stressing over vivid colours, Parisians prefer neutrals. The essentials in a Parisian wardrobe are the basics, yet of great quality. A black dress, a buttoned-up oxford shirt, a beige trench coat, slender pants, and a masculine blazer complement these with simple accessories like a silk scarf, a stylish hat, or a good pair of shoes to complete the look. Voila! You’ve just put together a Parisian ensemble.

Influencers who redefine “French girl beauty” and share many versions of French lady are aplenty on the internet. So, if you want to channel the effortless chic of a Parisian lady, there are a few well-known fashion influencers who would leave even celebrities in the dust when it comes to styling

  1. Caroline de Maigret @carolinedemaigret

Hailed as the queen of Chic Style, Caroline has authored the book “How to be a Parisian wherever you are”, which is the Bible for women looking to don the Parisian Style.

2. Adeline Rapon @adelinerapon

Adeline Rapon’s Trademark leather boots have a separate league of followers. Her effortless dressing sense has earned her the badge of a latent Rock Star of Paris.

3. Sabina Socol @sabinasocol

Sabina Socol, a Romania born, French-bred journalist and influencer, has been a buzzing name in the world of fashionistas, is known for her chic style and collection of vintage knits.

Winter is around the corner, So let us delve into what consists of the Parisian Winter Style. A typical Parisian winter collection will include a Warm Coat, a nice and cosy turtleneck or a woollen poncho or an oversized cardigan and vintage knits paired with a warm scarf and a woollen hat.

The House of Tomar offers a massive online selection of classic designs, which are notably edgy and contemporary. We have put together three ensembles that you may use as inspiration to create your very own Parisian vibe.

Let us delve into some of these amazing products which have the potential to put together the perfect Parisian Belle look.

This one is a show-stealer that will up your fashion game in no time. This white solid jumpsuit is elegant and understated. Combine it with the Parisian wardrobe staple, a trench coat, and a pair of tall boots. Top this with a knitted cap to complete the look. The result will set your winter look rolling, and how!

This look passes the Parisian vibe check. This white satin longline shirt is for that coveted, posh, and graceful look. Topple it up with a classic grey jacket and sophisticated grey pants with a chic pair of heels. Eureka! You have just recreated the look of a Parisian working woman. This is, hands down, an undisputed winner.

Now take a look at this solid black bodysuit, which can effortlessly refine your style statement. Wear it with a great pair of blue jeans and a coat. Accentuate the look with black stilettos and you are good to go. This is a typical Parisian girl-next-door look that is both trendy and easygoing.


Undoubtedly, no fashion fix is comparable to the French fashion fix. House of Tomar has sorted your wardrobe for this winter!

A bientôt! (See you soon!)

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