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Fashion has something incredible buried deep into its fibre, stitched into its ideas and embroidered into its fabric. The power to change. Fashion, as is the case with all art, is a vehicle for change. What you wear speaks your truth. That’s why our entire collection is built around a powerful story – so that you can wear your strength on your sleeve. Here are some of our favourite fashion for change stories.

Pabiben Brings Her Fire 

PabibenRabari’s story is that of a homegrown superhero. Risen from the Kutch’s Adivasi community of the Rabaris, Pabiben is now globally renowned. It all started when the custom among the Rabaristo give away embroidered pieces as dowry was banned by the village elders. You see it would take so long to build their pieces that the woman would have to stay back until done. But…Who will make the artistic embroidery now?

And so, Pabiben joined a Rabari women’s group in 1998. She even invented a new art form—machine application of ready-made elements, which was named “Hari Jari”.

After her ‘pabi bag’ became an internet sensation and reached a global audience she followed it with other products such as toilet kits, durries, files, quilts, cushion covers and more. She has received thecoveted IMC Ladies’ Wing 24th Jankidevi Bajaj Puraskar for Rural Entrepreneur for the Year 2016. But beyond that, Pabiben has moved women with her story. And spun them into the direction of taking charge of their lives.

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Love 41, Love Everyone

Suzette Munson is the founder of  Love 41, and makes bags and accessories with a single-minded mission. Her goal is to empower women and children and those who have suffered tremendous loss. Since 2012 when they began, they’ve made quite a notable footprint. That includes sponsored 350 children in Africa, providing free day-care for 140 children, contributed over $143,000 in monetary donations to the lives of underprivileged around the world through education, job training, food, clothing, the gospel and supplies. Her incredible compassion comes from her love for fashion, her faith in design and her many roles as a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur, and a philanthropist.

Image credit: Love 41 website

Mission: Serve

On a trip to India more than a decade ago, Shannon Keith was struck by the horrors of modern day slavery. Shannon discovered the many stories of the women pushed into the painful reality of modern day slavery. It terrified her and enraged her. She decided to help using fashion as the engine for her change. Sudarawas Shannon’s remedy. Sudara is a line of loungewear sold in the United States, made by women in India who are at risk or who have escaped sex trafficking. Currently, Sudara has about 200 women working to sew with their partner centres. Since it’s ultimately unemployment that nudges women into the direction of trafficking, Shannon’s work empowers women with employment. Sudara helps women with job training, not only in sewing, but also IT, cosmetology, nursing, custom tailoring and more. Their partners train about 200 women every 4 months and have an 89% job placement record.

Image credit: Sudara website

Ultimately it is this passion for fashion that give birth to the most authentic brands. Brands that are determined to tell stories, brands that are determined to become part of your stories. That’s particularly why, with humility, we embrace these powerhouse stories and pin them here as inspiration.

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