Emotions Are The New Fashion Statements

Fashion is the popular aesthetic expression at a particular period and place and in a specific context, especially in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, and body proportions.

Thanks to Mary Quant for launching the mini skirt in 1964, this leg-baring garment became a significant fashion statement in the 1960s. Jeans profited the most as they now became an accepted part of the American fashion scene. Miners weren’t the only ones wearing these trousers in the 1970s. And who can forget how “Dirty Dancing,” the great blockbuster of the 80s, brought the trend of spandex leggings with tank top and headbands!

The phobia of being underdressed was finally completely displaced by the fear of being “extra.” Fashion in the 1990s united around a new standard; minimalism and simplicity became the vogue.

2000s fashion is often described as a global mash-up of vintage, global and ethnic clothing (e.g. boho), as well as the fashions of numerous music-based subcultures. Hip-hop fashion was the most popular among young people of all sexes, followed by the retro-inspired indie rock look later in the decade.

As the fashion industry is moving towards the era of A.I., the “hustle” culture has led to the burn out of the generation, as people are overworked and it’s getting difficult to manage their emotions.

We cannot forget how the 2020 pandemic changed the lifestyle of almost everyone all around the world. Last year had been nothing but a fight between grief and gratitude. So what has become the vogue of 2021?

Talking about fashion culture, people have taken a shift to comfort and dressing above the keyboard. It has come to notice that human connection is more important than ever. Optimism and self-love community has filled out and will see itself continuously growing in the coming time.

Taking this society forward, the House of Tomar is on a mission to make people fall in love with them with a collection that says, “Blossom the JIM-JAMS,” encouraging people to transform sorrows into joy.

We have curated an effortless collection of prints and solids with a soothing colour palette and flowy, soft fabrics to maintain comfort. Spring Summer ’21 Collection is derived from the colour of the year, i.e., A.I. Aqua Blue.

The tech-inspired colour with digital quality has key relevance as it is associated with trending social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. While social media is all fun and informative, it does tend to get overwhelming for so many of us.

The prints created for this collection represent the common elements of social media and its use. The quarantine had us all on our screens for long durations, and it’s bound to affect us in some way! The result was increased levels of negative emotions resulting in anxiety around all kinds of subjects.

The Spring Summer Collection ’21 used four main types of prints to counter the mixed emotions and negative feelings aroused by the constant use of phones. The first one is a bold and open pattern, suggestive of the openness of social media around all subjects which is not a good thing all the time.

Another one is mainly a small, delicate-looking pattern. It represents the details that we get access to through our screens and the worldwide web. The third could be said to be an intricate design showing how the information we receive sometimes can get overwhelming; while the fourth is a systematic and calculative pattern made for those that like to see a method in the madness.

House Of Tomar has also created a palette that blossoms the Jim-Jams, vibrant colours like A.I. Aqua Blue, Firelight Red, Mellow Yellow, Bride Jade, and Purple Dusk are linked to happiness, optimism, creativity and have a calming effect with a blend of soft tones like Rich Tea, Sakura Pink, Lilac Sand, and Pure White.

House Of Tomar picked these uplifting tones that stand out in the age of social media feeds and likes. Modern and comfortable silhouettes are designed with fine detailing. Breezy, flowy, and lightweight fabrics with a rich feel such as Viscose, Shantung, Organza, Bhagalpur, Satin Modal, and many other cotton-based fabrics are used in the collection.

The collection consists of four prints that are vibrant, elegant, please the eyes, and who knows? They just might please and ease the mind. After all, colours affect our mood more than we give them credit for. So, let us blossom the JIM-JAMS into a free breeze and calm our souls.

This collection is distinctive because it’s close to both founders -Mallika and Devika’s hearts. They’ve curated a list of their favourite styles together. Let’s have a look at the top 5 styles picked by the founders.

1.  White Oversized Shirt Dress

The white oversized shirt dress is every girl’s wish. A perfect outfit for every girl who likes to hustle with comfort. This comfortable oversized denim shirt dress has a stylized rushed organza patch on the sleeve and side seam. It can be paired with black converse and a backpack while you’re heading to college.

2.  Brown Jumpsuit

If chic, sensitive, and savage with a love for details is your style, then this jumpsuit and you are a match! This beautiful V-neck jumpsuit has a unique silhouette of fitted top and baggy bottoms. The golden chain on shoulder and hem detailing are making a perfect match of power and delicacy. You can pair them with golden/brown converse during day time and switch to golden/brown heels and a hand clutch for a night out.

3. Red-Blue Co-Ord Set

You’ll fall in love with this set. If you’re tired of Monday blues and mundane tasks, the energy of the colours of this co-ord will uplift your mood. The crop top has a classic cut back with tie-up lace detailing. Pair white sneakers with red pearls and ear pods if you want to double the vibe of your playlist.

4. Pink Print Layered Tube Dress

Every time we see a tube dress, the first thing that comes to our mind is, “Please don’t fall off!” Yes, we know how uncomfortable tube dresses can be at times. It’s in our top picks for the same reason, but this party wear has managed to look fancy and be comfortable at the same time. The fabric used for this style is dupion, which is perfect for this style – lightweight, breezy, and glossy. If you’re heading to a nightclub or dine out, this dress would be the right choice.

5. White Solid Jumpsuit

Easy to style, mix and match, ideal for any occasion and forever classics. The outfit made of lightweight fabric Shantung with an organza patch is perfect for a brunch date with your bestie. It could be paired with beige heels, earrings, and a tote bag. If you’re into comfortable fashion, the white converse is a go-to with this piece.

Now we all know who can fill in our wardrobe this summer! Head to HOUSE OF TOMAR today to explore more looks.

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