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A woman of power is a HOTONOMIST. A woman of passion is a HOTONOMIST. A woman of compassion is a HOTONOMIST. You and me – we are the HOTONOMIST.

If you’re wondering who’s a HOTONOMIST, we’ll first help you understand that you’re one yourself! The world is a mess and you’re halfway to your goals. You’re ambitious, you’re hungry and honestly, you’re on your way to become enviable yourself. And when you get there, you’re going to endorse self-love. You’re changing the game for yourself and for every woman who comes after you.

As a brand, we intend to celebrate each one of you because you’re one of a kind!

We are here to create our own stories.

We are here to become a better version of ourselves.

We are here to inspire.

We are the HOTONOMIST!

The reason why this community is being built is to reach out to thousands and thousands of women who wish to share their views, their energies, their stories with the world. A HOTONOMIST could be anyone – a student, a CEO, a homemaker, a working professional, literally anyone! Because what matters here, is the spirit that you bring to the community.

We intend to create happy vibes and a place to reach out to more women across the country. And every month we are on the lookout for our HOTONOMIST of the Month.

Meet Our “HOTONOMIST of the Month – Aug 2021”
Dr. Anupreet Kaur

A HOTONOMIST is a boss, who tells the truth but finds a way to tell it well! and doesn’t need a handout, she thrives on making her own fortunes, and her own mistakes. And when we say HOTONOMIST of the Month, we intend to celebrate a strong, passionate and flawless woman every month. And right then is when we’d like to introduce y’all to our very special HOTONOMIST – Dr. Anupreet Kaur

The Amritsar-based Pathologist, Dr. Anupreet was crowned the first runner-up of the Mrs. India World 2020 Pageant. Mrs. India World is the most credible beauty pageant for married women in India, which is associated with the oldest and the world’s most prestigious beauty pageant for married women, MRS. WORLD. With an aim to empower women and give them the platform to showcase their beauty, intelligence and wisdom – this pageant is about celebrating women from all walks of life. Along with winning the main title, she also won the sub-title of Mrs. Beyond Beauty 2020. Do you know what’s remarkable? The fact that despite being brought up in a family of doctors, getting married to her husband – Dr. Shahbaz Singh, she chose to follow her passion in the field of modeling too.

Not to forget her rigorous determination and dedication to provide her endless support to help patients fight the deadly Coronavirus, you know what makes Anupreet a true HOTONOMIST? Her all-round achievements in different fields and how she never let that beautiful smile wither away considering the toughest of situations that she might’ve witnessed during the pandemic and otherwise too!

Having said enough (not yet though), we happened to have a chance to know her more and ask her a few questions that might just enlighten more on her path-breaking journey. Read on to know how exciting our conversation led to be!


  1. What’s your most favorite childhood memory?

My childhood has been full of love and lots of amazing family trips and memories! My father went to the US to study further when I was in theirs standard and came back after few months. I missed him and I remember the announcement in school saying that Anupreet Kaur can go as her father is here to get her – it must be my favorite! I hadn’t seen papa in so many months and remember running at full speed with my heavy school bag and hugging my papa! A feeling that can only be experienced and not exactly narrated I suppose!

  1. Who was your biggest inspiration for becoming a doctor?

My parents are my forever inspiration – both!  They came from humble and poor families, lived in remote areas/ villages and studied in village govt schools!

It was so inspiring to see them, they worked so hard, became doctors – my father retired as principal Govt Medical College Amritsar and my mom started her own hospital. I’ve always seen empathy, kindness and love along with the feeling of service in them which made me select this profession. They have not only served as an inspiration to me and my brother but also to their village community. I am so proud to be their daughter!

  1. For how long have you been working and serving in your profession?

I entered this noble profession in 2008 when I went for MBBS after which went in for MD pathology and completed my post-graduation in 2017. Also, after a decade I started practicing on my own while doing still learning and studying more with small courses and observerships.
I went to Sequoia Cancer Centre Hanford USA and UPMC Pittsburgh USA for the same. I have given 13 years of my life to medicine!

  1. What pushed you to take up challenges during the COVID-19 crisis?

As a doctor – COVID 19 was like a war and we healthcare workers were the soldiers.

My mom dad and brother suffered from COVID in the first wave itself and my parents landed in complications and took more than 6 months to bounce back; it pushed me to work more because I could imagine what others would be going through.

We at Amandeep Group and Amandeep Kamal Hospital began planning in Feb-March 2020, laid down protocols for the safety of staff and patients & started a new chest hospital for COVID patients which required separate staff, land and doctors as we could not mix the staff treating non-Covid patients.

It has been a long journey from assumptions to substantial data on the novel virus and today we are ready to tackle it properly with scientific evidence.

Vaccination plays an important role and I urge people to get the full two-shots course to stay safe.

  1. What made you participate in Mrs. India competition?

It’s a funny story, actually. I was at home during COVID times one day and scrolling through my Instagram – I saw an ad of Mrs. India on Cherag Bambboat’s handle – who happened to be my Wedding Make Up Artist.

I registered for it and had the online audition. And then we are here today!

  1. Who has been your biggest support in achieving the 1st runner-up position in the Mrs. India competition?

My biggest support has been my family. They have supported me, lifted me, and believed in me. I am forever grateful to have such bonds.

  1. How did you manage to juggle between your passion and profession?

I am a multitasker-no jokes. So, I used to come back from work, directly put some makeup on my face and sit for Mrs. India classes. But my family supported me a lot as they saw that I was exerting to the max to make it happen!

  1. What tips would you give to other models in their pursuit of achieving success in the modeling field?

I feel that acceptance and confidence are foremost. Love yourself and let it exude out of you.

Every person is unique- we just need to love and accept ourselves with all our strengths and flaws and confidently present it across. Also, fitness is important – I don’t mean thin but I mean fit in your own sense.  Regular workout makes you look good and flushed and also feel good (scientifically as it reduces stress hormones and releases happy hormones).

  1. What was the most difficult part of serving people during the pandemic?

Truly speaking it has been less support for the very people who we are serving. While we were working with our life at stake when people worked from home; Hospitals and doctors faced the worst kind of assault in the country. Innumerable doctors were beaten, and hospitals broken- some even lost their life! Working under so much stress and then getting such treatment was very demotivating for our entire healthcare community! Hoping and praying for things to change and coming out of this pandemic together.

  1. Has there been any challenge that you faced considering the mindsets of people in Amritsar towards taking up modeling or your profession?

I have been thoroughly supported mostly but many have had their opinions but the people who make difference to me have believed in me, and rest is always a two-way sword in the real world.

It should not matter much I think for people who have ambitions. Believe in yourself always and keep on working harder.

  1. What do you think defines a true HOTONOMIST?

A true HOTONOMIST is some who is true to themselves and others, confident in their skin and radiating it all out to others.

  1. Which is your go-to fashion style/outfit for a quick gathering?

I’d love to don a saree every time, but I am not so great at it. A quick indo-western dress paired with great heels and statement earrings is my best pick!

  1. Where do you see yourself post-pandemic – be it a beach in Bali or the Indian hills or any other place?

Oh! I’d love to spend time on the California coast and the bay area! Feet in the sand right by the beach and sun setting down. I am already dreaming of it!

As House of Tomar celebrates its Anniversary Month, we as a brand have taken this initiative to celebrate you and share your stories with our audience. We are on the lookout for our next HOTONOMIST of the Month! Are you THE ONE?

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