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You woke up today and saw that your Instagram was blowing up.

You take a deep breath instead and put it aside. You have sh*t to do.

The world is a mess and you’re halfway to your goals. You’re ambitious, you’re hungry and honestly? You don’t have the time to envy anyone else, you’re on your way to become enviable yourself. And when you get there, you’re going to endorse self-love instead of envy. Ain’t nobody got time to tear a sister down.

You have a lot to give, but it will always come with your honest opinion.

You are not a punching bag, but you know how to throw one if you have to.

But you won’t have to, you use your words.

It’s a man’s world – you don’t care. Because, you’re rewriting the rules. You got this.

You’re changing the game for yourself and for every woman who comes after you.

We’re the badass goddesses HOT’s new collection has been custom-built for.