After this pandemic, the thought process of partying will be converted from outing to indoor gathering and party only which is known as HOUSE PARTY. Groups of people come together in one place & enjoy their house party. In modern usage, a house party is typically associated with teenage or young adult crowds, loud music, dancing, tasty food, and the consumption of alcohol, marijuana.

A house party can be organized by conveying the people to be invited in advance for several months or just before a few hours. Information of a party is often spread by verbal message, by sending of formal invitation cards, or on social networking websites like Facebook, Whatsapp. The way of communication is to decide by the host of the party.


  • Have a Themed Dance-Off
  • Opt for Board Games
  • Throw a Pizza or Cheeseboard Making Party
  • Ask Everyone to Bring Their “Signature Dish”
  • Gather ‘Round a Bonfire’

According to the season especially in winter, most of our weekend plans go indoors. If you are planning for a house party & wondering about your dressing? Because of the reason, you’re staying inside that doesn’t mean you can’t dress like you’re going out. House parties can be the perfect opportunity to test out some novel styling—you have an occasion to dress for, yet you’re still in the comfort of someone’s home. So, don’t worry! As you have hundreds of options to dress for a house party. It depends on your choice and what level of formality the gathering calls for. We looked to some of our favorite street style snaps for out-of-the-box outfit inspiration; calling out the ‘HOTINOMIST’ that drives each ensemble so you can easily put together the look at home. So whether your weekend house party calls for beautiful attire or something more elevated, you’ll have an eye-catching outfit from “HOUSE OF TOMAR” that will make you stand out from the crowd.

After deciding a theme for the party, the concern of women begins that what should they wear for a house party?

Here are the top comfy and stylish outfits from House of Tomar’s Collection that is going to help you out in setting your party outlook:

  1. Grey Off- Shoulder Top + Ivory Slit Skirt + Heels

Don’t have a second thought to have some fun with your house party outfit. A striking slit skirt paired back with an off-shoulder top makes for a playful juxtaposition and the perfect party looks when paired with heels.


  1. Teal Blue Kurta + Off- White Crushed Palazzo + Heels

When staying indoors, a statement of Kurta paired with crushed palazzo is enough to stay stylish at room temperature.



  1. Black Maxi Dress + Belle


Raise the bar with a maxi-length black dress made even chicer by way of coordinating it with belle on foot with hoops earrings to give it a more elegant look.


  1. Maroom Handkerchief Shirt Dress + Brown Shoes

This maroon handkerchief shirtdress is very comfortable to wear & is a favorite party staple whether the dress code is casual or more refined. For a more informal gathering, pair it with classy brown shoes.



  1. Black Shirt + Shorts + Shoes


Nothing beats the fail-safe outfit formula of a statement shirt paired with shorts and shoes. Go for a shirt with full sleeves and playful printed shorts for extra statement-making power.


  1. Red Kimono Dress + Belt + Heels


Kimono dresses are an especially chic choice that can lean into being casual or dressy. Adding a belt and heels will complete your look.

  1. Green Patterned Midi Dress + Heels

For a more casual affair, suit up in the cool girl – wearing a printed midi dress and heels. Add earrings as an accessory to give it a more party look.

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