I Am Denim. I Am Here To Stay Forever

Trends may come and trends may go, but denim is here to stay! To be precise, it is the distressed jeans that are all the hype these days! Yes, the same pair of jeans that says chic and laid-back at the same time!

The distressed jeans trend began in the 70s as a part of the Punk-rock movement. Slowly, it was also seen as a prominent symbol of the famous hard rock/heavy metal era of the 80s.

Pick up any fashion magazine of the Grunge era of the 90s and the 2000s and there it is! Distressed jeans.


Even though they have been around for quite some time now, most people find it to figure out what they can pair it with. The founders of the House of Tomar, Mallika and Devika, recently got featured in the Times Of India’s Entertainment Times, and are here to give you a sneak peek into their lookbook. Ripped and distressed denim may not rule the fashion trend chart but can never go out of fashion.

However, people are becoming a part of the #smartenup trend. The newest call-out for denim is loose and languid cuts with refined details like oversized smart casual pockets, classic trims and soft-colour are combined to maintain the #smartenup look.


Read further to find out what tops, tunics and the likes you can wear with distressed and ripped jeans.


  • White V-Shaped Neckline Shirt

If you’re heading to the office or a day out with your girlfriends on the weekend, style it with a classic white V-neck shirt and heels to maintain the formal elegant look. The shirt’s breezy yet formal look and the denim’s casual yet sassy look will make your look stand out, no matter the place!


  • One Shoulder Crop Top

A crop top is a perfect match for black slim-fit denim jeans. HOT’s Sundream Orange FOMO Print one-shoulder crop top is such a lovely choice for a cocktail party or any other casual event in the night. The lively colours will make you look like the highlight of the event. Who wouldn’t want that? *wink*


  • Ruffle Crop Top

Since crop tops are in, you can make them fit for any occasion! For example, for a formal event, the ruffle crop top by HOT paired with high-waist black denim shorts is an immensely beautiful outfit! The vibrant hues of this ruffle crop are fit for both day and night events.


  • Print Top

Distressed bell-bottom jeans are a hard thing to work with when it comes to pairing. So are printed and patterned tops. We worked around the two and as it turns out, the two totally go together!

Take one such pair of jeans and use HOT’s Purple Dusk Scroll Print crop top, and voila! You have the perfect outfit for running errands or going to the movies!


Now that we have concisely given you four major outfit ideas, let’s talk about taking care of these beauties! Since caring for distressed or ripped jeans seems like a tiresome task, upcycling and recycling are good ways to go about it.

If you have the creative flair, try using embroidery, embellishments and patchworks on your denim pair. Stick-on embellishments or acrylic paints are for people who have a way with paints and paintbrushes.

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