Meet our “HOTONOMIST of the Month – Sep 2021” Riya Bhatia

You woke up today and saw that your Instagram was blowing up. You saw that you were trending on social media and you, my friend was going viral. That’s what happens when you work hard, give in your heart and soul, and strive towards turning your dreams into a reality.

#drumrolls We present to you, our HOTONOMIST on the Month – our very own Rising Sports Diva, Ms. Riya Bhatia

Being an Indian professional Tennis player, Riya Bhatia has career-high WTA rankings of 338 in singles, achieved on 2 March 2020, and 387 in doubles, reached on 17 May 2021. She has won three singles titles and three doubles titles on the ITF Circuit.

Wait, that’s not all! She also represented the country at the 2018 Asian Games in Palembang. Additionally, she has won two national titles. In 2016, she won hardcourt and grass-court national championships.

We just can’t keep calm because we’re so overwhelmed with pride considering how Riya has come such a long way with her achievements.  And as a matter of fact, we got an opportunity to know more about her. Come along, y’all!

  1. What’s your most favourite childhood memory?

My favourite memory is how my mother would dress me up in different dresses. I have never been a girly girl, but I really liked it when she would buy me new dresses, shorts, jumpers etc.


  1. Who was your biggest inspiration for becoming a Tennis player?

Sania Mirza has always been an influence and inspiration to all the young girls who dreams to play tennis. Mahesh Bhupathi and Leander Paes has always been an inspiration as well.


  1. When did you plan on taking up Tennis as your passion?

I started tennis when I was 10 and by the age of 11, I was already one of the best players in India in U12 and U14. Then I started travelling abroad playing international tournaments and I just believed in myself that I can play this sport professionally and most importantly my parents believed in my decision. So, there was no looking back.


  1. What was the biggest hurdle you faced during your journey?

There are always times in your career where you feel you are not good enough or you start doubting yourself but it’s all about not stopping and still going to the court next day and do hard work.


  1. If not Tennis, what would’ve been your career choice?

There was never a plan B.

  1. Who has been your biggest support in achieving the current ranking – India No. 2?

My team, including my coach, my family, and my sponsors (babolat and FB nutrition). They are always there for me and pushing me to achieve better and better.


  1. How did you manage to juggle between your passion and education?

For that the credit goes to my school, Hansraj model school and my mother. My school helped me a lot with my studies, attendance and my mother made sure that i was studying during travelling and training.


  1. What tips would you give to other athletes/sportspersons in their pursuit of achieving success?

Live in the present and don’t worry too much about future. Never give up!


  1. What has been your most cherished achievement so far?

Every step that I took to reach where I had been important for me. Winning both women’s nationals in the same year on different surfaces was really important for me, as I could prove that I am an all-court player, and it was special winning those tournaments in front of my father as he rarely gets a chance to watch me play.


  1. What are your views about House Of Tomar’s latest collection?

The colours are really happy, and the collection is perfect for confident women! The dresses make a statement.


  1. What do you think defines a true HOTONOMIST?

A confident woman who doesn’t needs to follow other people’s opinion.


  1. Which is your go-to fashion style/outfit for a quick gathering? Pick any 2 outfits from House Of Tomar’s latest collection for the same

  1. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Playing grand slams and winning medals for India in Olympics, Asian games. Being one of the best singles women’s players in the world!

So young. So talented. So inspirational!

Get a quick sneak peek into her life by heading to her Instagram Handle today

You could be our next HOTONOMIST of the month, keep up the great work that you do every other day!

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