The Man-Made Wonders- Cities and Fashion

Fashion has and is a way to distinguish itself from one part of the world to another. Language, landmarks, food and fashion are 4 different and very interesting ways of creating a distinction between the culture of a place. Fashion has become not only an elite form of self-expression but influences major fields like trade, entertainment, cultural activities, and many more.

Fashion has been pushed to the limits where some of the biggest cities in the world called the “Fashion Capitals,” drive the fashion world aficionados all around the globe.

While going out and about might be a tricky business given the current global circumstances, we can take you through a world trip and show you how fashion changes in the five big cities of the world.

  • Delhi

Delhi is the fashion hub and houses some of the most diverse styles. It’s the fashion capital in addition to being the capital city of the nation, and rightly so. Only here will you find people donning the chicest and edgy outfits and wear them with the utmost confidence on the streets.

Ethnic or western, doesn’t matter! With the population being extremely diverse in the city, the various cultures inspire the fashion trends that come and go so fast, it’s hard to keep track. It’s a wonder how a flared sleeve jumpsuit can be a perfect fit for almost any occasion.

  • Milan

Milan is the leading global fashion centre and it isn’t just Armani that sets the city apart! The local fashionistas influence the city’s fashion to a great extent and prefer simple fabric with a good fit. People are instinctively aware of what looks the best on them and if they don’t, they are keen on finding out!

When the city is known for its impeccable fashion taste, the residents have to keep up. Accessories are big here including the gender-neutral scarves. Overall, the city can be said to have a very laid back style.

A printed crop top paired with white lace palazzo could be your go-to while roaming the streets of Milan.

  • Paris

You will not walk Parisian streets and not see a plethora of clothing styles showcased every day! Parisian people wear flawless outfits and live up to the name of Paris being one of the big four fashion capitals of the world. There is no place for sportswear in Paris, nor shorts of any kind.

People may be getting more inclined towards denim but you still won’t see much of those. Elegant dresses and skirts are the major fashion highlights of the city! They are not only minimalist but very chic and classy. If your next trip is going to be to Paris, don’t forget to pack a solid yellow empire waist dress!

  • New York City

While the style of Delhi is an amalgamation of various cities, the style of New York City is one of several countries. No wonder the trends here change so swiftly! But the best part about NYC is that you get to “be yourself.”

While trends dominate the fashion sense of the city, we see people constantly experimenting by mixing in their colours, patterns, styles, and making their outfits unique. And let’s face it since NYC has some “mean city streets” vibe, the experimentation is more than appreciated.

You can take pink layered tube dress and make it cute with sneakers or trainers, or make it edgy with a pair of boots!

  • London

One word that comes to mind when you describe the fashion of London is quirky. Recent trends and celebrities highly impact the street fashion of the city and unique combinations can be seen now and then.

Londoners don a polished look and it is never overboard. Pastel colours, (or justcolours, in general) for the base for the outfits. London is for trendsetters and one specific style can never be associated with the city. You can choose a ruffle crop top and make it look punk with a pair solid black flared shorts, and you would stunning!

While fashion may change from city to city and country to country, personal taste play a role bigger than we think. That is done by keeping yourself up-to-date with the latest trends in the world of fashion.

Yes, we get it, the learning won’t ever stop, but that’s the whole point, right? The world of fashion is so rich and intriguing, you can’t help but get hooked to it right away!

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