‘Tis The Season To Bloom

Fashion trends change every day making it hard to keep track. But here we are making it easier for you- partly because we care about you, and partly because it is our pastime to tap all the emerging fashion micro-trends!

The ongoing pandemic situation flipped the world upside down and greatly impacted the fashion industry as well.

People are gradually realising how important comfort and ease is since dressing up from the waist up became the norm. But since fashion also correlates to seasons and we’re still in the blooming season,

it would be more than appropriate to mix the elements of spring with ease and comfort.

The lockdown phase increased the screen times of everyone with a gadget. At House Of Tomar, we have created some bold and stylish designs.

The new Spring Summer ’21 Collection greatly comprised patterns and prints that were inspired by the feelings that emerge from being on social media too much. We tried to represent these negative emotions by the liveliest colours, giving you the full-blown Spring vibe!

Go on and see for yourself how you can get the hues of spring from our caboodle.


  • Mellow Yellow: Yellow Dress

Calm Yellow Scroll Print A-Line Dress

There’s nothing snugger than an A-line dress! The latest collection gave us the cutesy A-line dress in a calm hue of yellow and the bold scroll print. A mix and match of tranquillity and brazenness, with a feminine touch, is what makes this dress the first choice for many.


  • The Basic Chic: Beige Skirt

Rich Tea Square Lace Skirt

HOT’s FOMO print is subtle and detailed, which is balanced by the “Rich Tea” hues in a basic, square skirt. Made up of silk, although this piece is quite ordinary, the print, the hue and its vibrancy make it exceptional!


  • Outburst Of Colors: Fervent Green-Yellow Jumpsuit

Green-Yellow OCD Print Tube Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit is casual and yet it screams, “Chic!” Since this season is for bright colours, play with them and striking patterns. Get help from the green-yellow OCD print tube jumpsuit. Pair it with high heels and a sling bag, and you will undoubtedly make heads turns.


  • Givin’ An Edge: Grounding Brown Shorts

Brown Adrenaline Basic Shorts

While flashing colours are a highlight of this season, some soft hues also need to be taken into consideration. The basic brown shorts in the Adrenaline print go with solid tops. They are not only elegant but made out of viscose, they are breathable and give off a carefree vibe, fit for this season.

We’re supposing you would not need to Google for the latest Spring fashion trends now that we have created this guide for you. Additionally, it would be a brilliant idea to explore more designs and patterns. You won’t know what works best for you until you explore!

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