What’s Trending this Season?

Ultimately, there’s a truth in fashion nobody talks about. It’s only spoken of in passing whispers and passed from ear to ear. Sometimes, when the faux leather jackets are wildly in vogue and the crumpled plaid skirts are just being embraced into the fashion fabric, we hear bits of ‘The Trend Truth’. What is this rumour? And what is this Great Big Fashion Secret?

When you reach the end of this piece, you’ll know.

But first, let’s meet the top ten trends you need to get on this season.

Colour Pop

What’s better than a bright colour to brighten up your outfit? Pair up your neons with hoop earrings for a wholesome brunch look that can last you the day.

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Wrap it up in Leather

Leather travels through time and seasons. With the long coat as a leader in the leather wardrobe this season, wear your dresses and throw on a leather trench for a fashion appeal.

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Finetune your Natural Tones game

Nothing is more You than you. Natural tones are all the rage with skirts and shirts being paired just right and matched just right with your beautiful skin colour – of all shades.

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Paw at the Tiger Print

The greatest myth about tiger prints is that you have to have Sofia Vergara’s confidence to pull it off. Let me let you in on a little secret: The animal print is where they get the confidence from. So, buckle in that tiger print skirt to unbuckle your inner animal.

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Say it with Sleeves

Sleeves are the new statement makers. Victorian sleeves are all the rage as the who’s who of town are walking carpets in their say-it-all sleeves.

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Denim’s Always Here to Stay

If you’re a style aficionado then you know that denim may never truly go out of style. But beware, too much denim makes for a blue wardrobe.

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The Statement Piece

Necklaces are all the rage – again. Although the designs have radically changed and we’re moving towards sharp angles and shapes, you can’t go wrong with a little fashion dripping from your neck and spilling on your dress.

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Loving Lavender

The colour making a big splash? Gentle Lavender. Silk shirts with easy tones are quite the pair as lavender becomes the new Sunkissed shade.

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Hats it

Haute is always hot at HOT. What goes well with a beachy dress as well as a couture piece? Hats. It may be bold and if you’ve never tried hats, now is the time to take the leap.

Image credit: trendspotter.com

Let’s Patch Up?

From Carrie Bradshaw to Diane Von Furstenberg, patchwork have always been part of the fashion roster. They’re back and they’re here to stay.

Image credit: emilycopp.com

You’ve now come this far. You essentially know it all. So, what’s the big secret? Look at the photos once again, do you see a pattern? It’s comfort. The biggest trend this season? It’s wearing your style on your skin and your sleeve in way that’s most you. Ultimately, the most fashionable kid on the block is one who is the most authentic. So who are you? What’s your story? House of Tomar’s collection is here to help you find out.

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