Who is a HOTonomist?

Historians are still puzzling over when the first woman wore her sense of style.

While we often talk about fashion in the last hundred years and its boom in Paris and London (to a lesser degree), the story of fashion dates way, way back.

Experts argue that clothing probably started long before the first solid archaeological evidence.

Long before clothing had a home in today’s labels, it had a purpose and a vision.

You see, it started to get very cold as the ice age began to set in and our hair started to shed too, leaving little to the imagination. We’ve heard remnants of this tale often and that we first took to leaves and animal skin to dress up.But can you imagine two dated species gesturing each other about how their animal hide is better than the others’? Or their leaves look prettier than the rest?

Or, more deeply, gesturing about how their clothing had a brave story to tell.

To procure the hide, the early woman and man had to set out to hunt, with relics as tools at their disposal.

Fast forward by a few centuries and you’ll find that the essence of a HOTonomist came from The Early Woman.

You may have noticed that The Early Woman has a bad reputation. Possibly because most badass women had to fight their bad reputation through history. But The Early Woman was beyond cares.

She was fierce and wild and free. And she protected her own. With no room for the opinions of those who didn’t matter.

And that is a HOTonomist’s soul. 

A HOTonomist is a New Woman, with the wilderness of The Early Woman.

A HOTonomist is limitless. She wields her power with calculated courage.

And with that in mind, we’ve built this collection for Her. To tell her story.

Your story.

We’re fusing the Early Woman with the New Woman. The prints of our new collection have been inspired from everyday affairs. From anxiety brought on by Instagram to being unable to focus sometimes. Drawing on technology for inspiration, Devika Tomar of House of Tomar has created a line based on the many anxieties of the day. The collection is flipping the anxiety story on its head. Instead of caving into the chaos, we’re reframing it.

Giving it a fashionable perspective.

After all, what is fashion if not self-expression?

From western dresses to party wear, from brunch outfits to dinner skirts, the entire collection is a narrative. It begins from when we start our day and click our Instagram open. It ends when we post our last post for the day or scroll endlessly before we sleep off.

The whole story has inspired the new line.

Indian dresses and evening ones, all tailored to represent the HOTonomist woman.

Womxn who get out and get what they want. Who live in the new age of rapid anxiety. Who never say never. Who fall, but do so stylishly. And then get right back up.

She who lives in the new world.

But kicks ass, anyway.

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