Your Soul, Your Style

Style isn’t found just on the skin. Instead, style can be found in the soul as well. What we wear says so much about us. One might argue: it says too much.

We give away pieces of ourselves through what we wear, clues to our personality, clues to who we are. These are clues for the world to use to interpret us, to read us like the intricate books we are. What does your book cover look like? The important part is this: If you’re not happy with your cover, just redesign it. We have a few ideas for you.

That’s precisely why we’re designing so that you can truly represent yourself with no care for the opinion of others. Reveal who you are, wear your heart on your sleeve and be your own mon chéri.To help you on your personal style voyage, we’ve curated some of our favourite Indian HOT styles to help you with your big reveal.


The Indian Sun Goddess

You have a spring in your step and a natural grace in your arms. You laugh and a room lights up. You may not know it but people gaze at you for solidarity, for strength. You know how to listen, how to really listen. Your entire accessories drawer is filled to the brim with vibrantcolourful. Finally, you may seem like the most tranquil individual on the planet, but if someone messes with you or someone you love, it’s D-day for them.

Casual Kanya

You’re sometimes late to work, but you make sure your work is done before you leave. You don’t care about fitting in or the sounds of others’ opinions, you like what you like. You keep it chill, and you don’t have a temper issue. Your entire vibe is like a pleasant winter, even in the staunchest of summers. You’re a Casual Kanya, cool and suave. And it’s time to wear your soul style with HOT.

The Girl with the Serene Vibe

Too often you’re seen as a ‘good’ girl. You’re intuitive and empathetic, you’re calm and radiant. Your skin glows without moisture and you glisten with serenity even in Mumbai’s summer. But you’re not just ‘nice’, you’re expansive like the ocean, and your kindness grows everyday. Your vibe has a home in HOT’s collection. Your vibe is a gift to the world and we’re here for it.

Unafraid and Unapoloegtic

Your style is a statement. You’ll find that people mimic your style without realising it themselves. Your attitude needs the boldest prints, the finest hair and the surest shoes. You don’t care for the world’s views; you care for your own. You cannot be limited or timed, contained or controlled. Sometimes, you’re too brash, but that’s okay – you’re learning too. Your attitude, your sass and your limitless audacity pairs perfectly with our yellow colour splash, storytelling prints and bold cuts.

Whoever you are, we have a story for you to wear. Your Story. Don’t look like someone you’re not. Do you, be you. Find who you are on our shelves and wear your personality like a medal. Because girl, you’re gold.

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